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starchy plants (e.g. grain), water or milk, flavourings

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compra haldol Porridge (also spelled porage, porrige, parritch)[1] is a dish made by boiling ground, crushed, or chopped starchy plants – typically grain – in water or milk. It is often cooked or served with flavorings such as sugar, honey, etc. to make a sweet dish, or mixed with spices, vegetables, etc. to make a savoury dish. It is usually served hot in a bowl.
The term is often used specifically for oat porridge (called oatmeal in the U.S. and parts of Canada), which is eaten for breakfast with salt, sugar, milk, cream, or butter, and sometimes other flavorings. Oat porridge is also sold in ready-made or partly cooked form as an instant breakfast.
Other grains used for porridge include semolina, rice, wheat, barley, corn, triticale, and buckwheat. Many types of porridge have their own names, such as polenta, grits, and kasha.
Porridge is a staple food in much of Africa, and historically was so in much of Northern Europe and Russia.
Porridge is easy to digest, so it is used traditionally in many cultures as a food for the sick, and often is eaten by athletes in training.[2][3][4]

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Porridge oats before cooking

Porridge as sold as a convenience product in German supermarkets

Oat porridge, traditional and common in the English-speaking world, Germany and the Nordic countries.[citation needed] Oat porridge has been found in the stomachs of 5,000-year-old Neolithic bog bodies in Central Europe and Scandinavia.[5] Varieties of oat porridge include:

Groats, a porridge made from unprocessed oats or wheat.
Gruel, very thin porridge, often drunk rather than eaten.
Owsianka, an east European (Russia, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine) traditional breakfast made with hot milk, oats, and sometimes with sugar and butter.
Porridge made from rolled oats or ground oatmeal is common in Scotland, England, Wales, Australia, New Zealand, North America, Finland and Scandinavia. It is known as simply “porridge” or, more commonly in the United States and Canada, “oatmeal”. Rolled oats are commonly used in England, oatmeal in Scotland, and steel-cut o