Top reasons to visit Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of those places which are truly blessed with the abundance of nature. There is lush greenery, turquoise blue beaches, rich flora and fauna, great hospitality and many more. Costa Rica has everything required to turn your holiday into a memorable one. The Costa Rica private villa is one of the best options for accommodation in Costa Rica. There are umpteen reasons to visit Costa Rica. Few of them are listed below.

Language and its people

You might wonder as to how a place’s people, language, culture, and tradition can be a USP. When you visit Costa Rica, you can see this statement in reality. The notion of Pura Vida meaning Pure Life is encouraged to practice here. The natives are taught to respect and adorn every human on this planet. So, when you visit this place, you tend to feel like one amongst them and not like a tourist. This kind of homely treatment is something which many don’t get at their own homes itself. The inhabitants also let you stay at their homes and share their food, traditions etc. You are sure to carry a lot of memories back home. There are a lot of travelers who have made long-lasting friendships too at Costa Rica.

Nature Trails

If you want to get transported back to the Jurassic era, then you must plan a trip to Costa Rica. The nature trails down the lush green trees with huge leaves, falling vines feels like stepping into a movie set. If you are a nature lover and you love getting lost in its beauty, then Costa is the right choice. You don’t have to worry as the entire forest zone is filled with direction signs. It is advised to carry a nature guide with you during your adventure trail. Some of the trees and wildlife you spot here is difficult to find anywhere else in the world. The amazing climate of Costa Rica provides a trekking experience of a lifetime.

Adventure freaks haven

Name any adventure and Costa Rica provides it. Various adventures like Cliff Jumping, Swimming, Rafting, zip lining, Canyoneering; stand-up paddling is best enjoyed here. There are a lot of rivers in Costa Rica. People of all age groups can have a great time swimming to their heart’s content. There is no fear of drowning as all of these adventure zones are tested and maintained well. The different types of terrain one could find at Costa Rica are hard to find in other places of the world.

It is allowed and possible to hike even in the nights. Hiking after sunset is an overall new experience. The wildlife species are native to this place. You might not get the chance to spot these species at any other place.

Costa Rica can also be called as birdwatcher’s paradise. The climate at Costa Rica provides a home to a lot of endangered and exotic bird species.

Hiking in the cloud forest is a memorable experience.

Beaches and Beaches

This denotes that you can enjoy the Pacific Beaches as well as the Carribean Beaches when you are in Costa Rica. There are very few places on the planet which offers a variety of beaches. The two different types of beaches are such a delight to one’s eyes. The fine white sand beaches of Pacific with the waters caressing your foot and the mild sound of the waves makes you feel out of the world. The colors of sunrise and sunset on these bluish waters are a delight to the eyes.

The other type of beaches of Carribean is the place for food lovers. It is indeed a great experience to be at the beachside enjoying some lip-smacking food alongside great music. The Rastifari culture and the vibes of the beach are more than enough to tie yourself at these beaches.

The best part about these beaches is that they are not located very far off from each other. This is one of the perks of visiting Costa Rica. Being a very small country, the places of interest are easily accessible.

One can also be a part of one of world’s largest Turtle Watching phenomenon. Thousands and thousands of turtles reach the shores to lay eggs during a particular season. A lot of volunteers stay all night on the beaches to ensure the eggs are safe. The tourists like you and me can also be a part of it.

Local Food

If you are touring Costa Rica, you are even sure to return healthier. Some of the foods which are considered exotic in many parts of the world are a staple diet in Costa Rica.

Varieties of fruits are available owing to climate and terrain of the region. There are a lot of great Restaurants to try when in Costa Rica.

Volcanoes and hot springs

When you are sailing in the seas, these volcanoes provide an amazing view. Most of these volcanoes are dormant so they have turned into a heaven for tourists who enjoy a dip at the hot water springs.

Hot water springs provide the feel of a Sauna amidst the beauty of nature.

Located in the Central American region, Costa Rica is one of the widely preferred tourist destinations in the world. Costa Rica caters to everyone’ needs and it is not the place reserved for people with deep pockets. Named as the world’s happiest country, it doesn’t even have an army.

If you want to explore and rediscover yourself, go to Costa Rica.

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